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Did you know?
(Probably not.)

We don't run it for free.

While this server is free and always will be, it is not the same on our end. We pay from our pockets to provide a good service our users can freely enjoy.

We are still students.

Most of our staff are students. This means we do not have a stable source of income to upkeep and maintain our hobby projects. Even a small donation could help us reach miles further.

We do not try to get money in shady ways.

In fact, we don't even try to get your money other than this optional donation. We will never misuse your data and will never use sketchy ways such as selling data to make profit.

So what can you do?
Well, you can donate to us.

Here's what you receive:

Yellow username

Just like in osu!, you get a shiny yellow username in the in-game chat to show everyone you're a really cool dude who has helped us pay the server bills.

Donor badge

Again, just like in osu!, you will get a donor badge on your profile, to show everyone you're supporting us.

Friends ranking

Competing with friends is really cool, you can play on the leaderboard with someone more or less on your level, without getting crippling depression and RSI for not beating that pro!

Discord privileges

You'll get exclusive access to the "#donators" text channel, you'll be able to change your discord nickname and you'll get a custom role with custom username colour!

Account wipe

Want to start over one more time? With donor you can! Normally you can only request an account wipe once, but having donated you'll be able to do it once again.

More to come!

We plan on increasing this list!

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