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rules may be changed to our discretion

if you have any questions about these rules, please contact a community manager.

Basic Rules (very obvious rules)

any violation of the rules listed will result in a silence, restriction or even ban (temp or perma), depending on the circumstances.

  • Cheating and any other form of hacking is strictly prohibited.
  • Edited older clients are not allowed. (you will be auto restricted)
  • Shared or boosted accounts are not allowed.
  • Don’t try to exploit server vulnerabilities, instead just report them to the developers
  • Use an appropriate username upon registering (no offensive or stolen top player names, unless you are said player)
  • Don’t abuse our patience. We have a life of our own and would like it if we weren’t disturbed every 2 seconds, unless there is something seriously wrong with the server. Otherwise you will be promptly silenced, muted (in discord) or banned, the length is at the moderators disrection, but never permanent, unless you are a repeat offender.

Chat Rules

these rules apply to both the discord server & in game. Punishments for violations is to the moderators discretion.

  • Keep shittalking to a minimum in general (thats what dm’s are for)
  • Racial slurs are allowed to a certain extent, do not use them to attempt to offend someone.
  • Don’t spam the chats.
  • Any kind of illegal content, warez, or viruses are strictly prohibited.
  • NSFW is allowed to a certain extent (in #nsfw).
  • Gore is strictly prohibited.
  • Please speak in English unless you are in an other language channel.
  • Please refrain from making any kind of cheating accusation in the general chats (thats why we have a support ticket system)
  • Don’t forget the General Rules.

Profile Rules

any violation of the rules listed will result in a silence & userpage and/or avatar reset.

  • NSFW avatars are allowed to a certain extent
  • Offensive avatars are not allowed.
  • NSFW userpages are allowed to a certain extent
  • Offensive userpages are not allowed.
  • Don’t link illegal shit and/or warez and/or viruses on your userpage
  • Don’t use offensive custom badges.
  • Don’t impersonate someone with the custom badges. If you abuse this, you will be prohibited from editing your custom badge.

Cheat/Multiaccount policy

  • Any form of Cheating & Multiaccounting is strictly prohibited. (obviously)
  • We seriously do not care if you cheated on another server, we only care what you did on on our server.
  • Multiaccounts are strictly prohibited, with the exception that someone living in your home is registering on the server or if you are creating a BOT for the server. Please contact a community manager or the owner regarding this.
  • We reserve the right to change these rules to our discretion.


  • You may change your username and/or flag by opening a ticket in our discord server
  • Note: If you are not a donor, you only get one name & flag change. If you are a donor, you get unlimited changes. —